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OPI Nail Polish Color

Greens and blues come to give a little more color this winter, but appear darker and heavier, pulling the gray. OPI nail polish color may be metallized or cream. One of the More »

Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Many people today are facing problems of hair thinning. This can be due to many reasons, pollution, poor diet, stress, therapy, age, etc. If you are experiencing thinning hair due to these More »

Medium Layered Hairstyles

The braids still reign in the world of trendy medium layered hairstyles. 2013 brings us a collection of trends among which medium layered hairstyles, we have seen has not given way throughout More »


Book taxi Slovenia – taxi Airport Ljubljana

Do you need an affordable, but at the same time also reliable and quality transfer to the airport, or anywhere else? Would you like to get to know our culture, through the visiting of different slovenian attractions and museums? Our company offers personal transfer to every user – for a great price. We offer you safe and fast transport – anywhere you want.

Book taxi Slovenia – taxi Airport Ljubljana is a young company, which already has a high number of regular customers, from Slovenia and from abrought. Our company offers professional services with taxi and kombi vehicles. We also rent our vehicles – with or without the driver, because we strive to greater flexibility. We are driven by our values – timeliness, reliability and, of course, safety. We also place great emphasis on passenger comfort – our vehicles are adapted to this fact. Every vehicle we use is regularly serviced and usually younger than five years. There is also no smoking in every one of them. Therefore, they are friendly to non-smokers.

taxi airport ljubljana

We know that travelling can be very complex, demanding and tiring. This is why we want to facilitate your travel in the best way we can. Our drivers are very friendly, nice, neat and very helpful. After you get to the airport, our driver will wait for you right at the terminal with a card in his hands with your name written on it. We are also prepared for delayed flights – we use contemporary technology, which provides us with every flight information needed. Book taxi Slovenia – taxi airport Ljubljana provides you with best services you will find in the country, for great prices.

We only provide great quality services to our clients. Therefore, we try to improve our services and vehicles every day. Are you stil waiting? Book taxi Slovenia and provide yourself a great transfer from the airport to Ljubljana or anywhere else.

What is altitude training extremeO2?

It is a contrast training, which combines altitude training and training with oxygen (EWOT). Altitude training extremeO2 represents a new and advanced approach to altitude trainig. For its realization, the right equipment is needed. Different protocols enable the realization of set goals. The extreme O2 system consists of a powerfull generator, rezervoar, stand, universal mask, pulseoximeter and a hose.

What is the difference between EWOT and altitude training extremeO2? The main difference is in the amount of oxygen and the possibility of using oxygen and hypoxic air in a moment. EWOT has a limited quantity of air (by ten literes). If you need more, the mask will automatically mix the oxygen with outside air. With extreme O2 altitude training, the quantity of oxygen is not limited. This kind of training helps you achieve maximum regeneration possible.

altitude training

Altitude training extremeO2 enables the achieving of different objectives, for example development of greater athletic performance. Many athletes use this method of training to prepare for an important competition, or to reset metabolism after the performance – to reduce time for recovery. The preparation does not result in fatigue or tiredness. Another protocol used, is the post-performance training. It is designed to clear exertion waste and to restore the blood flow. This protocol reduces recovery time by half or more. It clears inflammation, which is responsible for hindered recovery. This protocol of altitude training extremeO2 restores blood flow to damaged tissue, increases core system performance to reduce waste accumulation and flushes post-performance lactic acid.

Another protocol addresses metabolic issues connnected to prolonged recovery time. The protocol helps resolve brain and sensory organs inflammation. Sauna or a hot tub immune boost protocol is made exclusively for challenges, which occur because of travel related stress or exposure to cold (which can effect the overall performance of an athlete). The method targets short term saturation of tissues with oxygen, which is followed by heat.

Martin ukulele for sale with cheapest price

If you are an Ukulele player then, Martin Ukulele will not be an unfamiliar name for you. Martin is the most sought after brand in ukuleles and a dream that every uker wants to possess.

About Martin Ukuleles:

C.F. Martin & co., have been producing the finest music instruments for over 175 years, produced ukuleles since 1916. Martin Ukuleles are hand-crafted by the finest craftsmen blending innovative designs and state of the art techniques with those patented by the company.

The company had stopped producing ukuleles for some years. But with the instrument gaining popularity once more, they are back to producing the most popular brand of ukuleles. Usually made from Mahogany or the Kao wood, Martin Ukuleles are treated as a collector’s item by most.

Martin ukuleles are available in a number of different styles, i.e. style 1 to style 5 (there is no style 4). The price of the ukulele depends on the style, higher the number, higher the price. An Ukulele made of Mahogany is more expensive than one made of Kao. An avid martin ukulele fan will be able to differentiate between the styles and the material and can thereby roughly determine the price of the one being offered.

Martin Ukulele

Like it is every vintage item, Ukulele lovers are always on the lookout for Martin ukuleles made earlier and are ready to pay a hefty price for laying their hands on one.

Buyers Beware:

Generally there needs to be a lot of precautions to be practiced whenever you see the headlines “Martin Ukulele for sale with cheapest price.” As these items are so priceless, there are all the more chances of fakes being sold. It is very disappointing for a uker or for that matter anyone to have paid such a hefty price for a counterfeit. There are many sites online which offer Martin ukulele for sale, but it is very difficult to distinguish the authentic sellers from the counterfeit ones. Some sites also offer Martin ukuleles at amazingly low prices. But it is most advisable to buy your prized possession from a trustworthy store.

Where do I get Martin Ukulele for sale with cheapest price:

shockts.com is one of the best affiliate website which promote Martin Ukuleles for sale. Usually when there is a hard to believe offer, the thumb rule is to stay away from such offers. But as this site is totally dedicated to ukulele lovers the offers that they make are most genuine. No other affiliate site has Martin Ukulele for sale with cheapest price.

So, log on to shockts.com right away and get the best answer on keyword Martin Ukulele for sale with cheapest price.

Solenoid Valve

A solenoid valve is a kind of valve which can be operated electromechanical. The solenoid valve can be controlled by an electric current through solenoid: if it is a two-port valve, the flow can just be switched off or on; if it is a valve with three ports, the outflow can be switched between the other two outlet ports. Many solenoid valves may be placed on a manifold.

solenoid valves

The solenoid valve is commonly used to regulate elements in fluidics. It is used to distribute, close, dose, release or mix fluids. The Solenoid valve is easy to regulate. It can be regulated safely. It has high reliability, long service life, and good medium compatibility of the materials used, low control power and compact design. Solenoid valve designs have many deviations.

Common components of a solenoid valve are:

1. Solenoid sub assembly

  • Retaining clip
  • Solenoid Coil
  • Core tube
  • Plugnut
  • Shading oil
  • Core Spring
  • Core

2. Bonnet

3. Hanger spring

4. Backup washer

5. Diaphragm

  • Bleed Hole

6. Disk

7. Valve Body

The core or plunger, which is a magnetic component moves when the solenoid is energized. Its movement will affect the seals that control the movement of the fluid. The core and plugnut are coaxial. The core tube guides the core. It retains the plugnut and seals the fluid. To boost the movement of the core, It is important that the core tube is non magnetic. If it is magnetic, it would push the path for field lines.

Some common materials which are used in making the solenoid valve are brass, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic.

Solenoid valves are used in:

1. Fluid power pneumatic and hydraulic systems to control cylinders, fluid motors or larger industrial valves.

2. Washing machines and also dishwashers to control water entry into the machine

3. Paintball industry

4. To control a larger valve

5. Household water purifiers

It is also used in industrial applications which include general on-off control, calibration and test stands, pilot plant control loops, process control systems and other equipment applications used by the manufacturer.

Know your Kidney Failure Symptoms

Kidneys are important organs of the body that remove excess organic molecules from the blood. It removes waste products of metabolism. The kidneys regulate electrolytes, maintains acid-base balance and controls blood pressure. They act as the natural filter of the blood and remove water soluble wastes which move to the bladder.

Urine is made by the two kidneys. It flows to the ureter and is stored in the bladder. When you urinate the bladder empties urine from passing through a tube called Uretha.

Just like the other parts of the body the kidney is also prone to some illness or diseases. Because of this, it is important for us to take care of our body to maintain good health. We have to be conscious and observant of any changes in our body because this could mean something that needs medical attention. For instance, if you noticed some changes or pain as you urinate you have to consult a doctor as this could be Kidney failure symptoms.

kidney failure symptoms

There are symptoms that you have to observe, it might be one of the kidney failure symptoms, and these are:

1. Fatigue, weariness, laziness are kidney failure symptoms that should not be taken for granted
2. Shortness of breath
3. Swelling (Edema)
4. Weakness due to anemia
5. Loss of appetite
6. Congestive heart failure
7. Metabolic Acidosis
8. High blood potassium
9. Increase of urea levels in the blood, inflammation of the heart lining or low calcium blood levels
10. Fatal heart rhythm disturbances

Some of these kidney failure symptoms are common; hence, it is often not given too much attention as some people will just consider it as a common thing that could happen if a person is tired or not feeling well

Aside from knowing the kidney failure symptoms, it is also very important for us to know some of the causes so that we will be able to note kidney failure symptoms. Some of the causes are:

1. Decrease of blood supply to the kidney Infection of the body’s immune system
2. Medications- some medicines are harmful to the kidney

Farming Simulator 2015 Mods

Farming Simulator 2015 game 5 was already released on the 4th generation consoles (Play Station 4 and Xbox One) last October 30, 2014 on the PC and will also be released on consoles anytime this year. Giant has revealed that in the latest version of the Farming Simulator 2015 mods, some machines, and equipments were introduced such as the forestry and vehicle wash capability. In view of these, the computer game still retains the animals and crops in the scene. There are already 41 brands in the Farming Simulator including the truck manufacturer MAN. Other popular Farming Simulator 2015 mods are, amongst many other, New Holland and Husqvarna.

Farming Simulator is a computer game which depicts the life of the farmer in the farm. The player assumes the role of the farmer. The player’s task is to improve or increase his productivity, hence, he employs different ways to help him achieve his target to increase his productivity. His task is also centered on his crops and animals. With the need to improve productivity, the player or farmer uses other machinery or equipment which will help speed up his work and activities on the farm. To improve the game experience, there are many Farming Simulator 2015 mods available to you to download and use.

The player or the farmer’s main goal is to be able to get higher yields or abundant harvest and be able to sell what they have harvested to increase his farming enterprises such as the machines, fields, animals and buildings. As a player you can explore, plant or grow and invest money. The Farming Simulator can also be played by groups where the farm and work together.

In the 2015 version, Farming Simulator introduces an equipment which can be used in logging. The said equipment can be used to uproot, cut and pile the tree for whatever purpose they have in mind. All of these are all included in the fifth game of the popular Farming Simulator 2015 edition.

The Farming Simulator computer game has already used many mods on the previous versions. For instance, the latest computer game can already support 20 or 30 Farming Simulator 2015 mods  for you to enjoy!

Trendy haircuts 2015

Hairstyles are always subject to change: that’s what most styles do. Now the trendy haircuts 2015 are a collection of haircuts that are popular in this day and age. Today if you visit a hairdresser you will note that there are many different hair styles in the market today.  With this variety in choice, you can at times get a bit indecisive. The indecisiveness may lead us to make poor decisions that are detrimental to look we want to portray. Now with the many styles in the trendy haircuts 2015, an expert hairdresser will greatly help in selecting a hairstyle that suits you and accentuates your best features. You can find out more at http://www.hairstylescover.com/ website.

That fact notwithstanding, the trendy haircuts 2015 are fast being replaced by cute hairstyles 2015. As we all know the year is fast drawing to a close and 2015 is knocking at the door. People want to get acquainted with the cute hairstyles 2015. They are viewed as being the key to looking sexy. We all want a hairstyle that looks gorgeous with a cute outfit. The key to achieving that goal today is pretty simple; just look at the trendy haircuts 2015. So you might have the question what are the trendy hairstyles 2015? Well we are going to explore them in the subsequent paragraph.

Hairstyles are most of the time categorized according to seasons. Yes you heard that right, seasons. In the trendy haircuts 2015, the hair styles collections are divided into the 4 seasons: spring summer, fall and winter. Currently the summer hairstyles 2011 are the ones trending right now. However, fall styles are slowly gathering momentum as the summer ones are fading into the background. With that being said, hairstylists will tell you that nothing in hairstyles stays the same forever and change is inevitable. Well with the trendy haircuts 2011, you are always assured of one thing: versatility. The versatility associated with the collection is simply spectacular. If you want to create a spectacle, then these styles will do it for you. The many trendy haircuts 2015 are in essence the pillar of selection as far as the selection of outfits is concerned. We want something that blends in well with what we wear. Take weddings for example, in selecting a wedding dress you must have the hairstyle to match. This is but one of the many examples of how important the trendy haircuts 2015 are.

Elit4x Forex Introduces You to Currency Trading

Elit4x Forex is one of the most professional forex trading companies from the market, and it will introduce you to the currency trading, a fast paced, exciting market. Until a few years ago, forex trading was the domain of the financial institutions, banks, corporations, or extremely wealthy people. But with the merge of the internet, things have changed a lot, and nowadays everybody can buy and sell currencies very easy, with on click, and an online brokerage account. If this sounds interesting to you, Elit4x Forex will reveal you how currency trading actually works.

Elit4x forex
As you may already know, the daily currency fluctuations are normal and very small. Most of them move less than one cent per day, and Elit4x Forex considers it leads to one of the most volatile financial markets around. That is way many currency speculators rely especially on the availability of the leverage to increase the value. According to Elit4x Forex, in the forex market the leverage can reach 250:1. A higher leverage is risky, but brokers managed to make a high leverage standard, in order to make movements powerful for currency traders.

Furthermore, Elit4x Forex warns that extreme liquidity held the spur of the market’s rapid to increase rapidly, and transformed it into the ideal place for traders. For example, a position can be opened and closed in minutes, but it can also last for month. All the currency prices are based exclusively on supply and demand, and it is almost impossible to manipulate them. The size of the market doesn’t allow large players, like central banks, so the price cannot be moved.

On the other hand, Elit4x Forex informs that the forex market brings a lot of opportunities for investors, but in order to reach the success, a trader must understand the mechanism behind the currency movements. Once a person gets the basic of the forex trading, including the exchange rate, the key concepts, and the market history, he can starts currency trading. With time passing, experience will reveal different strategies, which can be applied in order to become successful.

Top long haircuts 2015

The upcoming year is going to provide you with a lot of different choices of long haircuts 2015 that any woman is free to try. You can already have a look at these new trends if you are thinking about approaching a different look for the year to come. There are a few elements that are in common for each of these styles.

First of all, each of the fresh long haircuts 2015 involve straighter cuts compared to the angled ones which have been usually approached by women in the past years. Therefore, you are going to find straight bobs instead of the typical angled ones, however your hair will appear much fuller this way, benefiting from a lot of definition as well.

If you are looking for long cuts that are based on bold ways of wearing your hair, you could try one of them which consists in shaving a part of your head on one side. Although it might seem a bit dramatic, the great thing about it is that you can cover the part with less hair with the rest of it from the other side. This kind of long haircuts 2015 might take you a bit of imagination to think about which look they are going to provide you, therefore you should browse the pictures of these styles available in beauty magazines and on Internet platforms as well. As long as you part your hair on one side before you shave your head on that certain half, you are going to obtain a very cool and attractive look.

At the same time, you might come across long haircuts 2015 which involve soft layers that aren’t visible at a first glance. They will make your hair appear full of volume even though they will not separate your hair into more than one mid-length. You are going to benefit from a gorgeous appearance that is also going to make the most out of your hair.

A very good way of enhancing your long haircuts 2015 is to add any type of fringe that you prefer. It seems that the new hair trends involve bangs that are based on geometrical shapes which are going to complete the straight cuts that are used for these modern hairstyles. Regardless of the hairstyle that you are going to decide on, you will benefit from a very stylish and feminine appearance that will offer you the chance to glow.

Babysitting jobs for 13 year olds

Easiest way for high school pupils to gain first work experience and the sense of obligation are babysitting jobs for 13 year olds. Such jobs represent the ultimate test of yourself and that way, you can show your environment you are ready for bigger tasks. Let’s have a look at babysitting jobs for 13 year olds from different angles.

Not hard to find

Babysitting jobs for 13 year olds are not hard to find, especially in your close surroundings. Nowadays, when many people have to work harder than before and it often happens that both parents of a child are working and their work time overlaps, the need for babysitting jobs for 13 year olds becomes larger. This is a chance for young people to gain experience and of course earn money. So, know in mind that everything you have to do to get one of the Babysitting jobs for 13 year olds is to show you really can take care of children. It is not small obligation, remember these words. Constant care and attention is needed, so before you even start thinking of applying for job, you better evaluate your own possibilities and ask yourself are you ready for such task? This will save you time and nerves, believe in it.

Why do parents prefer minors to watch their children?

There are many theses why do parents more often choose young person to take care of their children, than the adult. First is the simple fact that teenagers are close to years of their children and the children can identify themselves with teenagers that take care of them. It basically means they will rather accept younger person then elder one. This is good news for everyone looking to get hired for babysitting jobs for 13 year olds. Another reason why there are more babysitting jobs for 13 year olds is about the money. Some parents think like this: why should we hire elder babysitter and pay more, when we can employ young but very responsible person to take care about children for less? In fact, this is economical thinking, because even if you think you are getting wealthy check when you do babysitting jobs for 13 year olds, keep in mind that if you were elder, you would have probably get more.

Responsibility in the first place

What do you think is the first question parents will ask of you to do on your new babysitting jobs for 13 year olds? Answer: Are you responsible enough to pay close attention to our child? You’d better be prepared for this question or else, well..do not count on employment. This is why you should be psychologically prepared for doing the job in first place.

2015 Haircuts for women Over 50

Women over 50 need not have her hair cut short or shorter to make her look younger because the 2015 haircuts for women over 50 have come up with the different haircuts that will fit these “Golden Ladies”. What is important here is for the ladies being familiar with the shape of her face, her hair texture and her personality. Given the right haircuts, 2015 haircuts for women over 50 can give younger ladies a reason to be insecure while these “golden ladies” will have all the reasons to feel secure and confident.

The 2015 haircuts over 50 will still be the short haircut. For instance, these short haircuts have been the favorite haircuts for women of all ages and have also been the favorite haircuts of many famous celebrities.

The bob cut and the pixie cut will always be 2015 haircuts for women over 50. These short haircuts are easy to style and fix, but requires less expense for its maintenance. The pixie and the bob haircuts will not only make women over 50 look younger; it can also make her look sexy and sophisticated. The Bob and the Pixie have different versions and styles. The bob haircut can be a long straight bob cut at jaw length or a short straight bob with sidewise bangs. It can also be an asymmetrical bob which is cut just below the earlobes. The Pixie cut can be razor trimmed or the hair can be cut into short layers. This haircut is best for fine or flat hair.

2015 haircuts for women over 50 will also suit all hair types. The hair can either be straight or curly or frizzy. Medium shag for any of the hair types will look best with bangs if the hair is straight. If the hair is wavy or curly, the medium shag can be a half-up and half-down style which can keep the hair away from the face.

The 2015 haircuts for women over 50 will surely be the most popular haircuts not only for these “golden Ladies” but also for the younger ladies.

2015 Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

The most popular 2015 hairstyles for women will be short and medium. These hairstyles are appropriate for the coming New Year 2015 which will most likely give us a hot or totally hot season. These short hairstyles for women will not only suit the younger generations, it will also be the best hairstyles for women over 50.

Women would always want to look beautiful from head to toe. She would just do anything to look her best even if she’s already more than 50 years old. Well, given the proper 2015 short hairstyles for women over 50, it would always be a dream come true for these gorgeous ladies to get what she really wanted with her looks and appearance.

The 2015 short hairstyles for women over 50 can make you feel young and confident. It can hide your wrinkles and other imperfections on your face, which can surely reveal how old you are. Some of the 2015 short hairstyles for women over 50 can make you look cool and sassy More so, these 2015 short hairstyles for women are “in” and trending.

There are many hairstyles or haircuts that you can choose from the collection of 2015 short hairstyles for women over 50. These hairstyles can make you look good in all outfits or attire and will suit all occasions. More so, the 2015 short hairstyles for women over 50 are layered hairstyle.

Some of the 2015 short hairstyles for women over 50 collections are: the bob cut, for instance the asymmetrical bob will be one of the trendiest 2015 short hairstyles for women over 50. It will be best for a hot or very hot temperature. The asymmetrical bob will give best result if you also put on a sidewise or a side parted bangs. The bob hairstyle can either be straight or wavy or frizzy. The frizz can give volume to a fine or limp hair, a common hair problem of women, especially those over 50. The bob hairstyle can also be cut short, medium length or long as for the long bob cut.

Other 2015 short hairstyles for women over 50 are the pixie cuts. Just like the bob haircuts, the pixie cuts have also many or different haircuts to choose. Example of this is the Caramel Pixie which is cut very short. Another hairstyle is the simple haircut wherein the hair is cut straight and without layers.

Food and Lodging in Kranjska Gora

If you arrive in Kranjska Gora, one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia, make sure you will enjoy the local traditional food, but also different other special events, and traditions. Kranjska Gora is a small town in the north-west of the country, famous for people who like skiing, but also for those who are looking for natural beauties. Make sure you have an apartment Kranjska Gora, and go explore this amazing area and its delicious cuisine. Check out the offers at Agenija website (Agenija.si) for more!

Apartment Kranjska Gora

Sometimes, people who book an apartment Kranjska Gora prefer to cook their food inside, because it is faster and cheaper. That is completely true, but you still need to go out and explore the rich selection of food specialties that the valley offers to you, because traditional Slovene dishes are simply delicious. It will be a pity to be in the area and not to try that food. So leave your apartment Kranjska Gora for one night, and go and visit a local inn, where you will see all the genuine domestic dishes. These places preserve the real taste of traditional food, but also the typical Slovenian atmosphere.

Usually, any apartment Kranjska Gora is close to all good restaurants in the area, so there is no excuse for you not to enjoy it one night. You can find restaurants with Alpine views, modern places, but also family pensions, all ready to satisfy your needs. You can choose between Slovenian, Austrian, Italian, and even German cuisines, but also fish specialties, or international food.

Also, try to leave your apartment Kranjska Gora and go to enjoy the taste of the great Slovene wines. You will like it a lot, but there are also delicious spirits in Slovenia, like genuine fruit brandy, homemade by people with this tradition in their houses.

If you want to enjoy all of these and many more, make sure you book an apartment Kranjska Gora in time. You will have the greatest holiday ever, whether it is summer or winter. Have fun!

Naomi Watts Husband

Naomi Watts’ husband, Isaac Liev Schreiber is an actor, producer, director and screenwriter. Isaac was born on October 4, 1967 in San Francisco, California, USA. Just like Isaac Liev Schreiber, Naomi Ellen Watts, is also active in the cinema world. She is an actress and a film producer. The 45 years old, British-Australian actress was born on September 28, 1968. Isaac and Naomi have 2 sons Alexander Pete and Samuel Kai.

Isaac Live Schreiber, Naomi Watts husband is a very good actor and has also made a name for him in the cinema world. Naomi Watts’ husband Isaac has won the Tony Awards as the Best Featured Actor for his role in the play Glengarry Glen Ross in 2005. It was also in 2005 when Naomi Watts’ husband started his career as a director and a writer in the film Everything is Illuminated.

Naomi Watts Husband

As a young boy, Naomi Watts’ husband Isaac has a very difficult life. Her parents separated and his mother was given the custody to take care of him. His mother supported them by driving a cab and making “paper-mache puppets”. Naomi Watts’ husband attended Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts and at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

People are wondering if Isaac and Naomi were already married, but last June 22, 2013 Isaac described Naomi as his wife.

James Dean and Audrey Hepburn

Two great Hollywood stars James Dean and Audrey Hepburn have won the hearts of many people from all walks of life. James Dean and Audrey Hepburn have been a part of everybody’s life. Their fans patronized their movies and have considered James Dean and Audrey Hepburn as two of the greatest stars of all times. Read a wonderful article about these two Hollywood legends over at http://www.celebritiescenter.com/james-dean-and-audrey-hepburn/ website.

James Dean and Audrey Hepburn

James Dean is a gorgeous looking young man who starred in the movie “Rebel without a Cause”. The good looking rebel with a sad, mysterious look in his eyes has captured the hearts of many women. He has made movies which have lived in the hearts of his fans and followers. Unfortunately, James died in a car accident.

“My Fair Lady” star Audrey Hepburn is a gorgeous young lady who was every man’s dream and very women’s model. She is also a good actress and has made many lovable movies.

James Dean and Audrey Hepburn who were both considered legends are the main characters in the song “I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn” popularized by Sleeping with Sirens. It was released last March 23, 2010. Many people have tried to figure out how these two stars came together in the song because James Dean and Audrey Hepburn have their own lives to live at the time when they were both active in the cinema world.